EN News: #4

How to make donation to a good cause and even possibly earn on your ETH? Learn in this news piece highlighting:

  1. gtcETH
  2. stETH pool on Pooltogether
  3. Giveth

1. gtcETH

In our previous news post we wrote about launching of dsETH by Index Coop, which is an index token of the leading Ethereum liquid staking tokens. And lately they introduced an edition of it by launching gtcETH, that even shares a portion of your staking rewards with Gitcoin in support of public goods funding. But gtcETH holders still earn some staking rewards after sharing with Gitcoin.

So it provides for users really nice combination of supporting decentralization of Ethereum with funding of public goods, while still saving and earning ETH.

2. stETH pool on Pooltogether

Let’s explain what is Pooltogether first. It is a prize savings protocol or no-loss lottery, what means it is a savings account for your funds, that gives you even a chance to win a lottery-style prize. Simply put – more you save, more chance for you to win.

And so by depositing into stETH pool you have a chance to win stETH and support a good cause at once.

Learn more about Pooltogether

3. Giveth

Giveth is one of the best known projects for donations on Ethereum. It enables you to donate to lot of various projects or also propose projects that need funding, while donors could be rewarded for their donations.

One month ago, when big earthquake hit Turkey and Syria, they provided a free service for projects to raise donations.

Learn more about Giveth

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