EN Guides: #2 – Manage and invest your assets

In our #1 guide we learnt how to get started – create a wallet, buy ETH and use dapps. We recommended using Argent wallet for it, which provide you a great possibilities by managing and investing your assets, that this #2 guide is focused on, but we aim to take you even further.

Actually there are so many tokens, so many protocols, so many places to go in the Ethereum ecosystem, that wallets got hard time to cover all of it for you. That’s why the help comes from specialized portfolio management and investing platforms, that can save you hours of effort and a lot of stress.

  1. Zapper
  2. Instadapp

1. Zapper

Zapper has grown to be much more than a portfolio tracker. It is a hub for exploration, and a platform for navigating the blockchain in a human readable way.

It allows you to:

  • track your wallets
  • follow other wallets
  • discover NFTs, DAOs, DeFi protocols
  • swap or bridge your assets

How to start using Zapper?

Learn more about Zapper

You can connect to Zapper by using WalletConnect in your Argent wallet. It is important to know, that Zapper has no control over your assets.

Learn about more alternatives:

Zerion, Metamask

2. InstaDapp

If Zapper is a portfolio management and exploration tool, Instadapp is an investment one. You could learn about it in one of our previous posts.

Just like an integrated investment dapps in your Argent wallet, Instadapp provide you the same easy way to access some another earning strategies in DeFi.

What can you do on Instadapp?

From lot of DeFi investment strategies, that you can open on Instadapp, we recommend you to choose the one on Liquity. It allows you to borrow the most decentralized USD stablecoin LUSD against your ETH.

You can take loan for various reasons:

  • to leverage your ETH holdings – buy more ETH for borrowed LUSD
  • to use borrowed LUSD for your daily life expenses – you will:
    • avoid spending your ETH
    • benefit from future price appreciation of ETH
    • in some jurisdictions also avoid paying taxes, as loans don’t trigger capital gains tax

How to borrow LUSD on Instadapp?

As usual you can connect to Instadapp by using WalletConnect in your Argent wallet and Instadapp is also non-custodial, means it has no control over your assets.

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Not financial or tax advice. This post is strictly educational and is not investment advice or a solicitation to buy or sell any assets or to make any financial decisions This post is not tax advice. Talk to your accountant. Do your own research.

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