• EN Guides: #3 – Web3 social networks
    While popularity and importance of social networks is rising, most popular of them, like Facebook and Twitter, are closed centralized platforms with many fundamental issues. Web3 based alternatives could provide more decentralized solutions and here are some of them: The first thing to … Read more
  • EN Guides: #2 – Manage and invest your assets
    In our #1 guide we learnt how to get started – create a wallet, buy ETH and use dapps. We recommended using Argent wallet for it, which provide you a great possibilities by managing and investing your assets, that this #2 guide is … Read more
  • EN News: #6 – Regulatory, TradFi
    It wasn’t long time ago, that we were writing about US regulatory actions against crypto and here we go again. This time they stepped against 2 biggest centralized exchanges. But instead, it is a highly regulated TradFi, that is striked by hyperinflation recently … Read more
  • EN News: #5 – USDC, Euler, Instadapp
    How decentralized DeFi really is? The USDC depeg has raised significant concerns and questions about it. 1. USDC and DAI stablecoins lost 1$ peg tl;dr: If DeFi shouldn’t be just a rebuilding of an tradinational financial system, USDC event must be a big … Read more
  • EN News: #4 – gtcETH, Pooltogether, Giveth
    How to make donation to a good cause and even possibly earn on your ETH? Learn in this news piece highlighting: 1. gtcETH In our previous news post we wrote about launching of dsETH by Index Coop, which is an index token of … Read more
  • EN News: #3 – Arbitrum, Coinbase, Shopify
    This year in Ethereum is supposed to be dominated by increased adoption of L2 usage at the expense of L1. Recent events have confirmed it. 1. Arbitrum usage On February 22th Arbitrum One processed more transactions than Ethereum. This is a big milestone … Read more
  • EN News: #2 – Staking, Aztec, S&P500
    Hey Ethereum non-tech users! In our next news post you will learn about recent events, that happened in Ethereum space and as usual we will try to put them simply and briefly. Some interesting announcements were related with staking of ETH, one with … Read more
  • EN Guides: #1 – Get started
    This is a short guide for absolute beginners to take a first steps with using Ethereum. From many possibilities how to start we pick here the one we found to be the best compromise of simplicity and security. After you learn what is … Read more
  • EN News: #1 – Regulatory, bankruptcy, 2023
    In our news posts we aim to highlight recent newsfeeds from Ethereum ecosystem, that are most relevant to less technical users. We are focusing to provide short summaries and links to resources with further insides to the topics. Our first post will be … Read more
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