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Learn the basics of Ethereum

The easiest and most convenient way to buy, store and use ETH and Ethereum is by using services of some centralized provider like Coinbase. However doing such is like using a bank, i.e. you put custody of your funds into the hands of someone else.

On the other hand, cryptocurrencies give you a possibility of absolute self-custody of your funds, i.e. by owning private key of your funds.

Same could be applied for projects and tools built on Ethereum. This is our featured guide of ones, we consider promote core values like decentralization, censorship resistance or immutability more than others recently do.

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What is a stablecoin?

  • buy / borrow USD-pegged stablecoin – LUSD from Liquity
  • buy / borrow ETH-backed stablecoin – RAI from Reflexer


What is staking?


  • spend your crypto in real world with Visa debit card by Gnosis Pay


What is DeFi?


Why is privacy important?

  • anonymize your ETH
  • buy / sell your ETH peer-to-peer by using Vexl
  • manage your crypto with Brume wallet
  • make payments by using zkBob
  • post permanent messages with free-speech Tome
  • manage your portfolio privately with Rotki


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